Spiritual Care

Why do we need spiritual care in the face of death?

Spiritual care is often neglected as many patients cannot express their spiritual needs.

When facing the end of one’s life, people will wish to spend time to talk to someone about their innermost problems and concerns, and have the strength and support to overcome their fears. At the same time, spiritual care can often help families cope with grief. These are issues which cannot be addressed with medical intervention.


Training at Nectar Care Service has produced a specialised group of volunteers who serves to provide relief and comfort to cancer patients. All volunteers have graduated from NCS’s Volunteer Training Courses (6 modules in total). The area of care includes keeping company, active listening, empathy and emotional support for patients and their families. At the same time, we place great importance to the spiritual growth of our volunteers as well as the development of effective communication skills. The supplementary courses, activities and workshops attended by all our volunteers will ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate skills to deal more effectively with the challenges of different situations.

Currently, NCS is providing care to numerous patients.  Additionally, patients are guided to adopt a positive spiritual outlook in order to eliminate all fears, relinquish all attachments and have a sustained will to live out the rest of their lives in a peaceful and dignified manner. The duration of care provided is dependent on a case-to-case basis. We welcome anyone who requires our services to contact us. Cases will be accepted after consideration in accordance with the objectives and regulations of NCS.

NCS offers its services to terminally ill cancer patients who are conscious, able to communicate and wish to find spiritual support and improvement.

Please note that at present, NCS is not equipped to handle patients with infectious diseases and those who are not able to communicate at all.