Service Mission

Spiritual care service is provided to the terminally ill regardless of gender, race or religion.

Who do we serve / Eligibility

  1. Patients from hospices (with NCS agreements), patients who need home care services referred from nursing homes, Buddhist groups, our trainees and volunteers.
  2. Patients who are conscious and are able to communicate.
  3. Patients must have a point of contact (either a representative from the referred organisation or an appointed caregiver) who will fully cooperate with NCS and provide the necessary information.

Scope of Services

  1. Volunteers undergo specialised training and provide compassionate care to patients (especially patients with advanced cancer), giving them emotional support and addressing their spiritual needs.
  2. Volunteers will provide care within the scope of services as stated in the letter of acceptance. They will not provide services such as nursing care, daily grooming and feeding etc.
  3. Volunteers will bridge the gap of communication between patients and their families. With mutual understanding, they are able to say “I’m sorry”, “Thank you”, “I love you”, and “Goodbye”.
  4. While healthcare professionals manage physical pain and symptoms, spiritual issues causing mental distress such as anxiety and doubt are the concerns of spiritual care providers (our volunteers).
  5. Volunteers will encourage patients’ families and companions to offer care and support so that the patients can spend their last days blissfully.

Benefits of Volunteering

Engaging with patients and their families is challenging. It is also an opportunity for personal development. Volunteering here requires a kind and compassionate heart, active listening and the right conditions.

By their side, volunteers witness patients with different attitudes towards life, and are touched by their life stories. These are valuable lessons on life and death from which volunteers learn how to face obstacles with equanimity. With a positive attitude and affirmation to the meaning of life, one can live fully and act with kindness and love.