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What is spiritual care? Why do we need spiritual care in the face of death?

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What is Spiritual Care?

Spirituality has many meanings. In principle it refers to the awareness of the subconscious aspect of humanity and the strength one gains from experiencing such a connectedness.

Towards the end of one’s life, a multitude of thoughts and emotions will continuously emerge, especially memories of past events. At this moment, what kind of attitude should one adopt to face this state? Without receiving some spiritual guidance and support, the person will not be able to be relieved from physical and mental suffering and can only silently endure all the doubts, worries and fears.

Therefore, this is the time where people with open hearts and minds are needed – to be fully present, to listen and acknowledge the patient’s inner state. This can help them to cope with the physical and emotional burden. Spiritual concerns and issues will surface but with the inner strength which they gain, life can become calm and peaceful again. This is the highest indication of a “good death”.

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