NCS Courses

Nectar Care Service Courses

  1. Volunteer Training Courses
  2. Supplementary Courses

1) Volunteer Training Courses

NCS offers training courses that integrate Buddhist teachings and palliative care practices. Through these courses, NCS strives to produce spiritual care volunteers to help terminally ill patients develop the internal strength to overcome emotional obstacles as a result of such illnesses. NCS seeks a group of committed volunteers, who have strong faith in the Buddha’s teachings, to attend the courses and join our team of volunteers to provide spiritual palliative care to the terminally ill.

All volunteers must complete all six modules in the Volunteer Training Courses.

2) Supplementary Courses

Supplementary courses offered by NCS are enrichment programmes that focus on spiritual growth and development. Without a clear understanding of the purpose of one’s existence, one will have problems dealing with ageing and death.