Activities and Workshops

NCS organises activities and workshops with the purpose of promoting the awareness of life and death through public education. By exploring the meaning and purpose of life, one can cultivate a strong mind and spirituality. Thus by accepting death as a natural progression in life, we must then treasure each moment, seize the day and remember to nurture thoughts of kindness towards others. Ultimately, live our lives with ease – without fear or regrets.


NCS organises activities such as introductory talks to end-of-life care, book clubs, workshops, talks, retreats, sharing through movies and case studies, and spiritual purification. The purpose of these activities is to promote awareness on education surrounding life and death. Exploring the meaning of one’s life can help to achieve a spiritual uplift and enrich one’s internal strength. If one can accept death as a natural progression in life, one can live treasuring every moment, seize each day and cultivate kind thoughts and behaviour towards others. Ultimately, one can become mentally prepared to “live with ease, die without fear or regrets”.

Please note: At this moment, all activities are conducted in Chinese. Please check back for more information.

A) Talks and Seminars

Introductory talks to end-of-life care presents the role Nectar Care Service plays in Buddhist palliative care. What are NCS’s objectives and services? What training is provided for volunteers? We also organise other talks and seminars to promote awareness on education surrounding life and death.

B) Workshops

The purpose of the workshops is to raise interest in education surrounding life and death, understanding elders and communication skills with active listening and empathy. The workshops are conducted with a lively and interactive approach, usually involving a brief explanation, group discussions, case studies, videos, personal sharing of experience and games.