About Us


Nectar Care Service (NCS) is a registered society founded by several Buddhist organisations, Sangha and lay Buddhists since March 2009.


The idea to form an organisation to provide care and support to terminally ill patients and their family members was conceptualised in 2007. Founder members include Ven Wei Yan from Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery, Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery, Ven Xian Xiang from Tse Toh Aum Buddhist Temple, Ven Bao Lin from Meow Im Kok Yuen Temple, Ven Mun Cheng from Khoon Chee Vihara and Ven Hui Guang from Fu Shan An and other Buddhist devotees. A team of representatives from the above organisations travelled to Taiwan for research and onsite study at the Palliative Care Unit in National Taiwan University Hospital. Upon their return, they decided to set up Nectar Care Service (Singapore).

The Objectives of NCS

The objectives of NCS are to promote the awareness of life and death through public education and to train a group of volunteers, who possess the required abilities, to provide quality palliative care and services to patients with life-limiting illnesses.

The Mission of NCS

NCS is committed to integrating Buddhist concepts into palliative care practices, and organising educational courses, seminars and workshops on life and death. By providing the relevant training, our volunteers will have the knowledge and ability to provide cancer patients with emotional support and spiritual care in order to overcome their fears and have a sustained will to live the rest of their lives in a peaceful and dignified manner. Furthermore, bereaved family members will be given support to cope with their emotional pain and grief. NCS will also provide free spiritual care for the elderly.

Who will NCS serve?

As an organisation founded by Buddhists, NCS initially offered its services only to devotees of the respective Buddhist organisations in Singapore and their family members. NCS will extend its services in Buddhist spiritual care to the general public regardless of race, gender and religion as specified in its constitution.

Source of Funds

The initial development and operating costs were funded by the founder members and contributions from a small group of sponsors and well wishers. Future funding will come from the following resources :

  • Contribution from various Buddhist organisations
  • Annual sponsorship from business corporations and other organisations
  • Regular contributions from individual sponsors
  • Ad hoc contributions or sponsorship by corporations and individuals
  • Training courses, seminars, workshops and other value added educational activities

Sources and Qualities of NCS Trainers

The idea to combine Buddhist concepts and palliative care practices has received strong attention and support. NCS has been very fortunate in obtaining overwhelming support and assistance from experienced professionals to conduct the necessary trainings for its volunteers. Some of its trainers are :

  • Medical doctors, matrons, religious and spiritual counsellors and University professors from the Palliative Care Unit in National Taiwan University Hospital
  • Local medical doctors, nurses, and Buddhist leaders with in-depth knowledge and a wealth of practical experiences in the area of palliative care
  • Well qualified and experienced counselors and social workers with solid working experiences at various hospices in Singapore
  • Professional trainers and experienced team leaders of other volunteer organisations

Other Initiatives

During the initial phase, NCS focused its efforts on attracting participants from various Buddhist organisations in Singapore.

NCS has been highly recommended by its participants and word of mouth has proven to be highly successful in promoting the courses and services offered.

NCS intends to reach out to the general public to actively promote and offer its services to a larger audience.